Magic Box

An Interactive, Holographic Display

The Magic Box is an entertainment system that converts flat 2D content into a 3D holographic experience. It is an information medium from which kids and families can learn, collaborate and have fun through immersive displays. It consists of a display panel with light detection sensors to adjust the brightness automatically and comes with built-in speakers and tablet and smartphone charging capabilities.

The vision of the Magic Box is to “unlock the pixels” and have a blend between digital and physical world. Once the SDK is available for developers, possibilities for Magic Box content and interactivity are boundless.

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Magic Room

at Ronald McDonald House BC

H+Technology has partnered with Ronald McDonald House BC to create the very first digital interactive, holographic play space for children staying at the house while receiving medical treatment at BC Children’s Hospital.

The interactive feature involves the scanning of stuffed toys from around the room to set off real-time visual & audio effects within the virtual environment. Woody the Beaver is the holographic-like host who can speak, interact and form meaningful relationships with the children.

Our Philosophy

About H+Technology

H+Technology is a group of visionary individuals leading a paradigm shift in the field of human-computer-interaction. The team is led by masters graduates of The Centre for Digital Media, a world renowned facility known for its cutting-edge industry research and innovation.

Our philosophy is to Humanize Technology, which means to create human-adaptive systems that are natural to use. We believe in collaborative, non-isolating computing environments that allow users to be engaged with information in a three-dimensional form.

We create immersive holographic experiences which can interact with gestures, voice and other user interfaces. The purpose of designing these systems is to feel no barrier between human and digital information, and be immersed in the digital world we are creating.

Our Technology

Intuitive. Immersive. Interactive.


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