SHOW ROOM system

Gesture Control 3D Walkthrough

Air Motion 3D SHOWROOM system

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Walk Around Buildings Before They’ve Been Built!

  • Use your hands to navigate through magical 3D landscapes
  • Add your own content and customize to your precise needs
  • A fun interactive immersive experience

Perfect for real estate sales & marketing, tourism and city planning 

  • Interactive User Experience
  • Natural Gesture Control
  • Device Free
  • Wow Factor!
  • Customizable Content & Gesture Library
  • Metrics  for Marketing & Research

We provide a fully integrated hardware, software and training solution:

  • Equipment:   video wall or multiple projectors, screens, 3D camera sensors, and the Air-Motion Show Room System

Hardware for Showroom         Hardware for Showroom02

  • Instruction documents
  • Training and installation
  • Personalized price plans & project timelines 

The Air-Motion Showroom System includes:

√    A User friendly Interface which allows users to switch between the content and main menu
Impressive 3D render of the environment of your building. Model supplied by the clients will given a deduction ( some basic requirements about the model might be applied to maintain project quality)
The standard gesture library with the following actions:1. Left and right handed swipe to select different menus and rooms 2. Open hands wide to open doors and move through levels 3. Move hand forward to determine speed of movement 4. Right hand controls direction of movement 5. Two handed swipe to return to the main menu
Music and sound effects to match your unique atmosphere
An interactive video tutorial
An extraordinary digital landscape to drive sales and marketing of your latest property development

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