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How It All Began
YaminVincent and Dhruv SFU office
H+ was founded in 2012 by Dhruv Adhia, Vincent Yang, and Yamin Li after completing their Master's at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. Together, they worked out of a garage to create and test their very first holographic platform. Since then, the platform underwent a host of iterations, before it became known as the current product, "Holus." After three years, the company has grown from 3 individuals to a group of 20 dedicated, eager, and passionate people with unique backgrounds.


H+ Philosophy


humanizing technology philosophy
Our mission is to create human-adaptive systems that are natural to use. We believe in collaborative, non-isolating computing environments that allow users to be engaged with flat, 2D information in a 3D form. We create immersive holographic experiences that utilize gestures, voice and other forms of interaction. The purpose of designing these systems is to feel no barrier between human and digital information and be immersed in the digital world we are creating.
Our vision is to humanize technology. In the future, mostly everything we interact with will have built-in intelligence, including cars, home and mobile devices. Machines will reach and even surpass the human level of understanding in order to execute day-to-day tasks. By placing humans at the centre of this equation, we are able to be in touch with our natural human behaviours without having to adapt.


Holus CEO
Vincent Yang
Holus CTO
Dhruv Adhia
Holus CFO
Yamin Li
The Team
Adson Xie
Creative Developer
Rina Xu
Administrative Assistant
“Zhe Dong"
Zhe Dong
Technical Artist
Project Manager Assistant
Mia Feng
Industrial Designer


Motahareh Pilehvarian
Technical Artist
Will Chen
Creative Developer
Esthela Perez
Technical Artist
Creative Developer


Next BC AwardMost Disruptive Innovative, Company of the Year and UX AwardVancouver UX Award



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Whether you are a potential client, investor, or simply have a great idea for Holus, contact us by filling out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. You can also email support@hplustech.com directly for any type of inquiry regarding our company and Holus.
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Vancouver, BC V6E 4A4

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