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Frequently Asked Questions
If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to contact support@hplustech.com directly for any type of inquiry regarding our company and Holus.
Q. What can I do with Holus?
A. Holus offers a number of new and exciting possibilities. Here are just a few of the ways it can be used:


Holus provides a natural and intuitive way of perceiving information, making it an ideal entertainment system for homes or classrooms. Teachers can keep students engrossed in learning about DNA structure or the solar system by presenting information from multiple angles and encouraging physical interaction. Families can finally use technology to connect with each other by having digital board game nights and promoting a “social campfire” experience.


In addition, Holus allows for a brand new gaming experience with content that comes alive and allows users to interact in ways not possible with other gaming systems. Moreover, it is a multi-user technology where any given content can be seen from four different viewing angles. The purpose of designing the Holus system is to bridge the gap between humans and digital information.


Holus Pro is the developer’s edition and comes equipped with an HDMI port and SDK, so users can create whatever they can imagine in a holographic experience. Ultimately, the device can be programmed to provide everything from holographic teleconferencing to realistic previews of 3D printing products and Star Trek-like holodecks. Both Unity and Unreal, two of the most powerful video game engines, will be supported by the SDK. Leap and Emotiv will also be partnering with H+ to assist developers in bringing even more capabilities of Holus to life.
Q. Can I use Holus outside of the home?
A. Yes, Holus is designed to be semi-portable and can be carried from one location to another. Perhaps you'd like to bring Holus to your workplace or use it for a school project, both of which can be done.
Q. Is Holus easy to use?
A. It is as easy as using your phone:

1. Unpack

2. Power On

3. Download App or Create with SDK

4. Enjoy
Q. How is Holus different from other 3D technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)?
A. Unlike other VR and AR technologies which are traditionally wearables, Holus is a tabletop, freestanding device. Our purpose is to "humanize technology." We designed and developed Holus to do just that. Holus is a device that invites collaboration and fosters a communal experience, rather than emphasizing the experience of the individual.
Q. How can I connect Holus with different devices?
A. Consumers can directly pair their smartphone device with Holus either through WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Along with Holus, we provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) and Middleware that allows any developer to connect third party hardware. Moreover, we will also provide documentation on how to get started using Holus both in terms of transporting your content and networking.
Q. Why does Holus have to be pyramid shaped?
A. The Holus is pyramid shaped in order to reflect the display in multiple directions. Making it a pyramid instead of four square sides both shrinks the size of Holus so it doesn't take up so much space and creates a better holographic effect. In the future, we plan to remove the pyramid altogether. We are constantly refining the experience of this style of display while we continue to research the technology required to safely display a hologram in mid-air.
Q. How much power does the Holus drain on my electricity bill?
A. The ambient light sensor of the monitor will modify the power usage based on lighting so that the power usage is as efficient as possible.
Q. Can I create a holographic teleconferencing application to interact with my friends and family members?
A. Yes. Through our SDK we will document the process of integration with 3D cameras such as Kinect and LeapMotion and face tracking algorithms such as FaceShift.
Q. What applications will be available at the time Holus ships?
A. We will provide a suite of applications ranging from educational to games to utilities. They will be available both on iOS App Store and Google Play Store for you to download depending on your mobile or desktop machine.
Q. Will there be an App Store to download more content?
A. Yes. Please refer to the “download” section on our Kickstarter page. We will release various apps for consumers and developers that will be available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Furthermore, desktop applications will also be available for various operating systems such as OS X, Windows and Linux Ubuntu.
Q. Do you support smartphones and tablets other than Apple?
A. Yes we do, both Holus and Holus pro come with a USB port that will allow you to connect any tablet. The process is decoupled, allowing any smartphone that can connect to USB to be connected with any tablet on Holus.
Q. What is the resolution for the projection medium?
A. Holus Pro unlocks 921,600 and Holus home edition unlocks 640,000 pixels on each side. Check out our tech specs for the appropriate resolution for your preferred Holus.
Q. What are the differences between Holus and Holus pro?
A. Holus is the home edition and Holus Pro is the developer edition. Some key differences are that Holus Pro is larger and includes an HDMI input as well as USB input.
Q. Will I be able to transfer my digital content into Holus?
A. Yes! In fact there will be a special script called “Holofy,” which will be part of both the Unity and Unreal Engine Support SDK. This script will allow users to holofy and transfer their digital content without a single line of code!
Q. What are the main steps in order to develop content for Holus?
A. We don’t just provide you with the SDK, we give you examples of games that we have developed internally at H+. This includes educational and digital board game experiences. We will also have video tutorials that will help you bring what's in your imagination to life!
Q. When will the developer SDK be available?
A. The Beta version of Holus SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine will be available January of 2016.
Q. What will the developer SDK include?
A. Developer SDK will include support for Unity and Unreal Engine. The SDK will also include Middleware which will allow not only developers, but designers and artists to connect any sensor with Holus in matter of few minutes with little or no programming. Further, it will include examples and video tutorials that can help you get started transforming your world into a holographic environment! Additionally, it will have all the scripts, assets, shaders and other files necessary for you to imagine, tinker with, and explore an idea never thought of before!
Q. When does Holus ship?
A. Holus Pro ships Spring 2016. Holus Home ships Summer 2016.
Q. Will Holus be compatible with Leap Motion?
A. Yes! In fact, we are providing an application along with our SDK that will work with their sensors.