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So myself Dhruv Adhia, CTO and Vincent our CEO decided to team up as we have been dynamic duos where I would play a tech role and he would play design and art role. This was part of our first ever HoloJAM event where we invited 6 teams of designers,artists and developers giving them access to our SDK in order to jam out an application/game for Holus in one day!

Our team was called Da Vinci, where we are inspired to think of a given problem from different perspectives. We would think about how Rock, Paper, Scissor can not only be entertaining but also a social experience because that is one of the key strengths of Holus.

Even with the intense timeline in terms of finishing this entire game within a day, we still wanted to capture few key elements.

  • Fast Pace family casual action game
  • Free to play
  • Easy to Learn
  • Shared and Social Experience

Before moving forward, Vincent and myself took inspiration from various games as seen in the images below.

Vincent and I have been playing Royal Clash nowadays on our iPhones and we have been enjoying the game play of different characters. I find it somewhat like Chess where you are suppose to deploy each character carefully in order to not only defend your tower but potentially destroy your opponent’s towers. And if you happen to destroy more towers than your opponent destroying yours, then you win the game which is equivalent to checkmate in Chess.

As a result of this, we decided to make Rock, Paper and Scissor out of similar game play using 3 characters who counter each other and opponents can deploy these characters in Holus in real time in any given position depending on the situation. And this was the cover page of our game :)

Huge credits to Vincent, who not only designed the game, but also characters and animated them in a single day! And thats the joy of working with him, its like our brains are completely synced and we both know what we need from each other. With very little discussion, we got things done of course with the help of Holus Software Development Kit (SDK)! And boy it was a joy using our own creations to create something that was fun in a single day. And for this matter, kudos to the entire team at H+!

Moving on, below are the some of the design drawings from Vincent. You can see the thought process before directly jumping into production. We followed proper steps to develop this game even though we had little time. Like Vincent, I was also scrupulous about my development process. I went on to make sure the code is well designed and deployed without any bugs. And its a well written, clean code that other coders can read.

We also had an idea of fancy stage for characters to operate upon as you can see in the image above, such as an earthly shape or a puzzle as it becomes more interesting strategically to deploy characters. However, because of time limit, we settled for a simple arena style stage without any obstacles.

In a short period of time, we implemented a two player interactive system that worked with Holus. Users can use their phones to select a character which is then deployed on the board as you can see in step two. After deploying a character, there is a cool off period of 5 seconds, so in that time period it becomes a predictive game on what your opponent will deploy next. And how you will counter possible moves from your opponent.

Vincent came up with other brilliant ideas as you can see in the image below. However, we settled with gameplay as seen in previous images. We wish to extend the game play and also put it in 3rd party app store for apple and android once we ship Holus.

Some of the future developments as you can see in the image below.

and of course we will have some seasonal promotions :)

and here is finally a screenshot that was taken from Unity Holus SDK

Do share your feedback and if you liked what you saw, then do subscribe and remain updated with our latest happenings. We would love your participation and we know community will play a very important role in terms of coming up with creative ideas for Holus.


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