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At H+, we believe the developer community has a lot to offer, and therefore we invite them to be a part of our work and contribute their ideas. We are working to make Holus a completely open platform so that the developer community can bring any idea to life! We are further supporting developers by providing demos and SDKs for Unity3D and Unreal game engines, along with plugins for our 3rd party wearables. With our proprietary middleware, we have made it easy not only for developers, but also for artists and designers to create applications for Holus!  These tools are still being prepared for when Holus gets shipped out, but sign up now and we'll notify you closer to Spring 2016!
 Holus for Developers


Apps and Demos
Woody's Adventure

Play as Woody the beaver in this storybook adventure. Explore the different lands, meet new friends, fight against enemies and discover hidden treasures.

Galactic Pinball

A unique spin on a classic game. Battle three other players in pinball. Rack up points by hitting bumpers, defending your gates, and landing pinballs into the others’ goals.

Virtual Aquarium

Dive into water and discover the plethora of fish species in the aquarium. Pick out each fish using the Leap Motion controller's gestures and learn more about these interesting fish!

Dice Jack

Try your luck in this casino-style game! Roll dice and try to get as close to 21 without busting. Play strategically and see who comes out on top!

Imp's Revenge

Collaborate with the other imps to take down the beast! Combine your strength by tethering your power together. Work together and take down this boss.

Character Library

Examine 3D models of different characters from all sides. Make them walk, dance and perform other actions! Coming soon: Import your own models!


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Want to learn more about development here at H+, our software, and our community? Looking for the inside scoop and our latest videos? Check out our blog and see all of the exciting things that are currently in the works!