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HoloMAX is a scalable, completely customizable setup to fit all of your business needs, whether in terms of space available, target demographic, or subject matter. There are a number of different options and variations that can be made when it comes to both the hardware and software components. Use HoloMAX to make your dream project a reality.
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Holographic Projection
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Interested in using HoloMAX in your business? Want to learn more? Email support@hplustech.com or fill out the form at the bottom of the page with information regarding your business, project vision, and budget, and we will get back to you.
Holus for business
Ronald McDonald House Magic Room
H+Technology has partnered with Ronald McDonald House BC to create the very first digital interactive, holographic play space for children staying at the house while they receive medical treatment at BC Children’s Hospital.
The interactive feature involves the scanning of stuffed toys from around the room to set off real-time visual and audio effects within the virtual environment. Woody the Beaver is the holographic-like host who can speak, interact and form meaningful relationships with the children. Read about how the Magic Room helped a little girl get back on her feet on the Ronald McDonald House Blog.
Magic Room also shows the capability that we have in terms of changing content and creating different environments and settings. We are currently installing the second phase of Magic Room known as Aqua World, which will offer a new, even more interactive experience for the children.
Want to see the magic for yourself? Email support@hplustech.com to book an appointment and visit the Ronald McDonald House!
Holus for business
Kabuni Holus
Kabuni House Dream Room 
Our largest Holus yet, at 5x5 feet large, was being created for a retail store.
Clients can view furniture options in the Holus and then place it into the virtual room. Unlike Magic Room, Dream Room's application is much more commercialized where instead of interacting with toys, you use a tablet to navigate different furniture, look them over and place them in the ideal location of the room.
Learn more about it at Kabuni's website, From Dream Room to Dream Home, or check out this video at their Vimeo channel, Kabuni Designers First View of the Holus
With this project, we set the potential that Holus and HoloMAX can offer to any business in terms of applications and special features.
Want to experience the magic yourself? Email support@hplustech.com to book an appointment and visit the Kabuni House's Dream Room!
Dream Room Kabuni
Bring your displays to life with the 3D, interactive capabilities of HoloMAX. Engage visitors with exciting content that can transport them to another world or another place in time! Easily change the content displayed without the need for additional resources.
Holomax is scalable to fit your project needs, whether it be simple display or a full-on exhibition room. 
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