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Holus At Home

Intuitive. Immersive. Interactive.
Holus is the next generation of gaming, education, and entertainment and will introduce you to a world of creativity and possibility. It’s the first device for home that truly brings people together and allows them to interact face-to-face.
Holus for home
With Holus, Education is Limitless
Education comes in all different forms, and education in the home is especially important.  Use Holus as a powerful visualization tool to teach even the most complex concepts and help learners better understand them. Holus provides a new, interactive, collaborative and engaging way to learn that can appeal to both parents and children alike. With its “heads up” experience, Holus allows individuals to feel more connected with what they are learning and with their peers.
Holus social gaming
The New Social Gaming Experience
Think family game night or a late night gaming marathon with friends --- but even better. Come face to face with other players and experience the excitement of interacting with both the holographic environment and the world around you.


Holus game night