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The New Lytro Cinema: 3D Volumetric Movies in Holus Might Come Sooner Than You Think!

The New Lytro Cinema: 3D Volumetric Movies in Holus Might Come Sooner Than You Think!

Last month the film industry was stunned with the launch of a new camera, the Lytro Cinema, which is capable of transforming every frame of the recorded video into a three-dimensional model. This is a big step towards the ongoing shift from a legacy 2D video world to a 3D volumetric world, which is particularly interesting for the idea of making movies inside of Holus.

One of the principal features of the Lytro Cinema is the ability to refocus a shot or change its depth of field after capture, meaning that users can animate changes in depth of field faster and more accurately than a live operator could pull focus.

In addition, it also enables artists to extract depth information from the footage, making it possible to pull a key from any part of a shot without the need for a green screen.

Other features include the ability to reposition the camera, track the movement of the camera in 3D space and remaster the footage in a range of frame rates and delivery formats.

But besides all these features, the possibility of having 3D information opens the door for future movies to be recorded and reproduced in 3D. And Holus can be the perfect medium to screen this type of movie, giving a 360º view of the footage.

Nowadays the idea of creating a movie inside Holus is only possible if you record four different angles from the same scene and stitch it together. With this new evolving technology, you could record the scene only once and have all the 3D information to play around inside Holus. This would give the viewer not only four different angles to watch, but also a true volumetric display that can rotate, zoom, change focus and interact with 3D animation content.

If you want to know more about the new Lytro Camera, check out this video:

- Lukas Gadelha, Videographer