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Magic Room Dives into Phase 2: Aqua World


Magic Room Dives into Phase 2: Aqua World

The Magic Room at Ronald McDonald House BC is getting another environment! This time complete with a whale and various underwater creatures that we think will definitely get the children excited.

Woody Dives Under Water!

Since the installation of the Magic Room last year, we've seen many children play inside the Magic Room and interact with Woody the Beaver. But something we noticed through observation was that they would often attempt to interact with the environment (e.g. try to pop the bubbles that came out when they scanned the octopus). So in our next phase, we're aiming to bring children even more interaction capabilities with Holus and the environment using our magic brush and new games. Here's a sneak peek of the phase 2 of Magic Room! Families and children staying at the Ronald McDonald House BC can not only expect to discover new things in the current magical forest but also immerse themselves in a whole new aqua world. Magic Room is also an inspiration behind bringing this Magic to every homes and in the hands of every developer through this kickstarter campaign.

We want you to know that all of the support you've given us is what makes so many of the things that we do possible. We hope that through these efforts, H+Technology can continue to be a change in the lives of children at Ronald McDonald House and beyond.

For more information do visit our website at http://hplustech.com

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