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Grand Opening of RMH BC


Grand Opening of RMH BC

H+Technology was honoured to be part of the grand opening at Ronald McDonald House BC today. As part of a series looking at how H+ has been involved, here is the first article providing more information about RMHBC.

RMHBC has taken around 7 years in development, has cost over $31 million and with the ability to host 73 families at the same time will be the 5th largest Ronald McDonald House in the world. This represents a significant increase on the previous facilities that could only host 13 before at the old location.

Ronald McDonald House is a charity that provides families from out-of-town who have sick children in need of treatment, boarding facilities near to hospitals. It is a safe, calming environment so that families can feel at home and rest while they go through probably the toughest time of their lives as many of the kids have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. The slogan of RMHBC is 'Keeping Families Together' and it is a very worthy cause that brings together many public and private fundraising initiatives.

Some of the features of the new house in Vancouver that sets it out as the leading Ronald McDonald House in the world include:

  • Room for more families that need Ronald McDonald House BC - up to 73 families at a time instead of just 13
  • Accommodation for the entire family in spacious private guest rooms, each with their own 5-piece bathroom for improved hygiene, and maybe the occasional bubble bath.
  • Wholesome home-style meals in four professionally equipped kitchens and tastefully decorated dining rooms.
  • Fun and games for all ages. Whether on the playground, on the sports court, or playing the latest video or board game with a new friend, RonaldMcDonald House BC believes in the healing power of play.
  • A safe and secure experience for guests from the time the family arrive until they are able to return home again.
  • Arts & Crafts Studio, where artists can express themselves and aspiring musicians can keep up with their lessons or compose the next - Top 40 hit in the music room.
  • Teens Only Lounge, an adult-free zone where guests who are too young to vote can hang out with friends and siblings.
  • Secure Wi-Fi zones and computer stations throughout the House and grounds, making it easy to stay connected to friends, school or work.
  • Indoor fitness centre, helping parents to stay active during their stay.

    All of these great amenities are only steps from BC Children’s Hospital.

    For the last 6 months, H+ has been working hand-in-hand with Richard Pass, the CEO of RMHBC, and his team, to install the world's first interactive holograph-simulated 'Magic Room'. The idea behind the 'Magic Room' concept is to create a soothing place of fun and discovery so that the families at Ronald McDonald House can ease their worries and take their minds off their troubles.

    The main features of the H+Interactive Holographic Magic Room at RMHBC include the scanning of physical toys to set off real-time visual & audio effects for the simulated hologram & virtual world. Woody the Beaver is the host who can give instructions, talk & form meaningful relationships with children

    The key features of the technology include:

    1. Interactive simulated digital hologram

    2. Seamless Wall Projection

    3. Object Detection

    4. Human Behavior Recognition 

    5. Surround Sound System

    Stay tuned for the next article featuring our exciting work at RMHBC where we will feature more information about our exclusive interactive holographic Magic Room installation.

    For more information do visit our website at http://hplustech.com

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