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Possibilities of Creating Movies inside Holus

Possibilities of Movies inside Holus

Whenever someone asks me about my job at H+, I answer: I shoot videos of Holus. All of which are videos from the outside, showcasing the product, exploring different possibilities and events all around the world. This got me thinking. What would it be like to create a video for the inside of Holus? A video to be projected holographically with the possibility of four different views?

With this in mind, I started to think about the process to shooting a movie specifically for Holus. In other words, a movie that could have four different perspectives at the same time.

One of the possibilities is to have a short story with 4 different characters and each person sitting around Holus would follow one of the characters. Each spectator would have their own headphone and listen to the audio that’s relevant to their point of view. The camera for each character would be a POV style, like first-person shooting games. Something similar to an online game experience, but in this case you are physically in the same location as the other ‘’players’’.

To test this idea, I created a simple scene on a 3d software and rendered 4 different cameras, one for each character. It looked like this:

In the real world, we would have to have 4 different cameras shooting at the same time. Maybe 4 GoPro’s attached to each characters head. Or even shoot the scene 4 times, one for each character. The problem with this last process would be syncing the action afterwards, which could have slightly different timing. However, timing the scene before and rehearsing a lot could minimize those differences.

After that, to create a more unique experience for each spectator, I created 4 different soundtracks. In this case, just one random different sound for each side.

So watching on each side of Holus, will give you a particular view of the same action, with your own sound experience.  

In recent years, video games are blending more and more gameplay with a movie-type story. So this is also a possibility for Holus in the future. For an example on this, check out the trailer of the game Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception:

So what about you? Do you have any ideas on how a movie could be created for Holus? Please feel free to comment and leave your opinion below!

- Lukas Gadelha, Videographer


Jan 13, 2016 • Posted by Brian Langhoff

I wanted to connect with you regarding the content of this blog post.

I have a project in the works right now and after being exposed to the Holus, bought a Pro within five minutes.

Would love to share and compare.


Jan 02, 2016 • Posted by Thomas

Stupid idea: How about spin it 360 degrees ? …instead of frames per second – 360s per sec

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