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How Holus will Change Behaviour in Entertainment

How Holus will Change Behaviour in Entertainment 

For most young people nowadays, the main entertainment is video games. During their video gaming, they are just laying on the sofa and staring at a screen. For people that game for long periods at a time, it is bad for their health and many games discourage social interaction between each other. We want to change that.

Firstly, Holus has a position tracking feature, which detects the position of users engaging with Holus. This can potentially solve the issue of unhealthy behavior during their gaming and entertainment. With this function, we can develop applications to encourage people to walk around Holus, for example, requiring players to do different movements in order to finish the level. One idea we played around with, was creating a unique gaming and viewing experience with NBA basketball.

Secondly, Holus creates holographic experiences that are shared, ones which allow players to get different information from the different sides. Users can see each other through the Holus. So rather than having different screens that split player interaction, the central display brings people together. It is a more engaging way of entertaining compared to what we’re used to.

Above all, I believe Holus will bring an evolution of entertainment and gaming.

-Adson Xie, Developer

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