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H+ to collaborate with SFU


H+ to collaborate with SFU

Recently, H+ has partnered with SFU and several partners across Canada to develop the future of distributed computing and multi-modular interfaces. The project is being funded by CANARIE Middleware program, which selects few projects across Canada. And H+ will lead the project in terms of development process for the middleware technology. This project will be in active development throughout the year of 2014 after which it will be in maintenance mode for the next one and a half years. As a result of this project, H+ aims to pioneer its way through in the development of middleware technology at a same time adapt open innovation model through which education and research space can flourish at a same time. In return, H+ will also expand its research based network and gain valuable experience by coming across pioneering researchers in various field across both Canada and USA. Through this network, H+ will look forward to build strong foundations when it comes to innovation.

Brief description of the project:

As ‘the internet of things’ and ‘the quantitative self’ emerge as growing realities due to increased access to big data, we need software platforms that can support the capture, recognition, control and semantic representation of movement data. Interaction with digital movement data is proliferating through an increasing range of natural user interface (NUI) sensing technologies including mo-cap, the Kinect, LEAP, wi-mote, vision systems, EMG, fMRI, solar sensors and mobile phone technologies including GPS, GSR, and accelerometer data, yet there is very little middleware that can support the distributed dissemination of movement data. This CANARIE Network Enabled Platform focuses on gaps in deployment of movement data that can support heterogeneous movement sensors and provide movement recognition, use of movement as a controller for multi-model output (such as visualization, music, and robotics), and generation of movement planning in virtual human movement applications such as animation and game development.

The M+M: Movement + Meaning NEP will enable researchers to construct meaningful semantic models for movement that can interpret human movement data, construct machine-learning models for movement recognition and movement analytics, represent semantic properties of movement behaviours for virtual avatars in online games and online performance, and map movement data as a controller for online navigation, collaboration, distributed performance and as input to search engines that can recognize and tag existing movement databases.

M+M is being developed at Simon Fraser University at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology in partnership with RPI investigators, Credo Interactive and H+Technologies. This initiative supports a larger SSHRC international research partnership entitled MovingStories: digital tools for movement meaning and interaction.

For more information do visit our website at http://hplustech.com

For more information on m+m middleware project visit http://mplusm.ca

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