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Interview with Athomas Goldberg


Interview with Athomas Goldberg

Athomas Goldberg is the President of Lifelike and Believable Animation Design Inc. In 1994, he received a patent for the Improv Animation system he invented alongside Ken Perlin (NYU Professor most famous for creating the Perlin Noise). He then launched Improv Technologies, Inc., for which he received the Year 2000 Innovation award for Orchestrate3D, a non-linear animation production tool. Since that time, he has collaborated on projects with Relic Studios, Microsoft, and oversaw the development of EA's internal animation studio (ANT). He has worked with an incredible variety of game engines and tools, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the gaming and animation world.

H+ Technology is very fortunate to have been able to interview Athomas, who shared his thoughts on the importance of building physical communication and connections beyond the digital world, and the value he saw in the Magic Room and the Magic Box, specifically in regards to children.

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