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A Day Made of Glass

A Day Made of Glass

I love watching television, especially American comedy soaps. Recently, I got addicted to the new comedy series Fresh off the Boat. Set in 1995, it is about a Taiwanese family that moves away from Washington, D.C. and tries to make it in Orlando. A particular relatable scene was when the relatives visit and we hear the haunting beeping noise that is Jessica's brother trying to connect to the internet on his computer, dial-up style. Man, that really brought back memories.

Fast forward 20 years, it's amazing to see how far along we've come with regards to technological progression. Today, we see technology everywhere. We no longer need to go through the suspense every time we try to dial-up, only to be disappointed as it plays the unforgettable fail sequence. We're always connected, it's instant. Technology surrounds us and encompasses us in all aspects of our lives, almost naturally. Every morning, I wake up to the sound of birds chirping (which, in reality was actually just the notification ringtone for the barrage of WhatsApp messages coming in to wish me a happy Chinese new year from the other side of the world). Point being, the integration of phones, tablets and computers have weaved into our daily lives so seamlessly already its hard to imagine what we can come up with next.

At H+Technology, we aim to bring that imagination into realization and like to show appreciation for others who are also on a mission to "humanize technology". Over the past couple years, a company called Corning has made great progress in what could be the next life-changing technology. A highly engineered glass that, coupled with other companion technologies, can allow for newer, more effective and efficient ways of everyday processes. From tasks as simple as automated tinting of windows to complex ones such as scanning x-rays, a day made of glass gives insight into a world we could be living in in the near future.

 For more information do visit our website at http://hplustech.com

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