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5 Days Until Kickstarter!


5 Days Until Kickstarter!

It's getting so close to our Kickstarter Launch: only 5 days to go! Everyone at H+ is excited to see all our hard work be made public and be able to gauge interest. And you know what? A lot of people are interested in the Holus, our tabletop holographic display, which transforms an individual focused experience, like a personal computer or tablet, into a group experience! We cannot wait to see a packed launch party event. There will be so many people, from press, to digital media veterans, to friends and family, and more! 

I'm really excited to have people play a new game I led the design on. Big props to Lead Programmer Michael Widmer and Lead Artist Marlon Tuazon for making it happen and adding their own special touches. It will be shown in our VIP room, so no spoilers here! It was a quick turnaround in just a few weeks with a small team, but it's action-packed, quick to learn, and lots of fun.

Join us on Kickstarter on June 10th!

If you haven't yet, join our Thunderclap to let everyone know about our Kickstarter Launch. Join the excitement, join the party, and join the Holographic Revolution!

For more information do visit our website at http://hplustech.com

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