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H+ crew at GDC and How People Reacted to Holus


Check out H+ crew at GDC and people have to say about Holus

Last week, a couple of us from H+ went to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. In addition to meeting a bunch of important people, we also got to check out some cool stuff. If you are a subscriber to the GDC Vault, you should definitely look into the following lectures.

Practical Virtual Reality for Disney Theme parks and Technology-Infused Storytelling: VR Challenges that Lie Ahead (Presented by Epic Games)

Virtual Reality was big this year at GDC. Disney revealed some of the behind the scenes challenges, as well as their VR Cave work, which was particularly inspiring.

Meanwhile, the VR Challenges talk was mostly about converting the Smaug scene from the Hobbit into a VR experience. This was really interesting from a visual standpoint and we learned that there are a number of unexpected challenges that come with converting a film to VR.

Office Space: Do’s and Don’ts of Game Development Workplace Design

This talk was a very insightful look into the needs of employees in relation to office space. There are lots more great tips, plus some shots of some beautiful workplaces made on a pretty penny or a tight budget.

Hearthstone: How to create an Immersive User Interface

This was a very cool talk where they allowed us to "peek behind the curtain" in order to see what Hearthstone might have looked like before the menus were reworked. Let’s just say it was old-school, typical, and not very Blizzard-esque feeling beforehand.

For those interested in game engine graphic technology, check out The State of Unreal Engine (Presented by Epic Games). They show a real-time rendering of an apartment that looks incredibly photorealistic. It is very cool and definitely got us interested in the Unreal Engine. Also, for a fun gag you can check out Jen-Hsun Huang crashing their presentation to reveal NVIDIA’s Titan X graphics card.

So, GDC Vault-Fans, make sure to check everything out! This year's GDC was great and chock full of fantastic ideas. If you attended GDC, post your favourite talks below! If you didn’t, tell us about your favourite game of all time!

Unity, Epic Games and GDC visitors, they all love it

Moreover, Holus got great interest from Unity and Epic Games as we are developing SDK for those two platforms. Its indeed an exciting times when power of creating holographic experiences will be in hands of Developers and Designers alike. This will bring paradigm shift in how we experience games in social environments and connect better with each other.

For more information do visit our website at http://hplustech.com

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