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Get Yourself Immersed Into the Future of Collaborative Gaming

Get yourself immersed into future of collaborative gaming.

In Longbeard's Tower Defence, Big Crown's kingdom is under attack! Pointy Stick's forces are overwhelming the borders and the royal armies are being pushed back. Big Crown has reached out to Long Beard's School of Sorcery for help. Longbeard's specialty is summoning a tower of magic that can leverage magic to summon powerful defences.   Competition is fierce in Longbeard's school to prove who is the best sorcerer and you will show the others that you have the power to defend the kingdom. Or... perhaps you will be wise enough to cooperate with your fellow students and work together. It is up to you to save the kingdom!

Longbeard's Tower Defence is a vertical king-of-the-hill-style tower defence game for the Holus. Players will upgrade their attacking units to cunningly slip through the defences of the tower to take control. Then they must hold the tower long enough to cast an epic spell, powerful enough to stop Pointy Stick's armies. Longbeard's Tower Defense is available with Holus. Holus Pro ships in Spring 2016 with Holus Home Edition shipping in Fall 2016.

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