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What's Next for H+ After Successful Kickstarter Campaign for Holus?


What's next for H+ after successful kickstarter campaign for Holus?

Kickstarter ended last month, with a successful campaign that brought us nearly $300,000 and 500 backers. You're probably wondering what's going on behind the scenes over at H+ headquarters now that we've completed the campaign. We've had an incredibly exciting last few weeks, especially now that we've transitioned into sales. We've launched the storefront portion of our website, offering Holus for pre-sale. While business to consumer (b2c) has been our primary direction, we've also been looking into opportunities on the business to business (b2b) side. Holus is a unique product in that it is a combination of both hardware and software, making it possible for us to go in many different directions. With that in mind, we've got a lot coming down the pipeline in terms of projects, especially this Fall. Have an interest in working with H+ and using Holus as a solution for your business? Contact support@hplustech.com for more info!

We are in the midst of working on a new game called Tower Defense, which is the brain child of our Producer, Steven. It has a bit of a "Tower of Babel" theme to it, with a number of interesting characters to boot. Look out for a video / sneak peak of Tower Defense and the incredible artwork that has gone into it. 

Right now, several members of our management team are representing H+ at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. SIGGRAPH is an annual conference and exhibition that showcases computer graphics research, with a focus on digital art and emerging technologies. We are excited that H+ was invited this year and will be located at booth #825. Whether you are currently at SIGGRAPH or won't be able to attend in person, you can download the app here to see the booths and get in on all the action.

Remember that you can now purchase your Holus, both Home and Pro Edition, and it will be shipped to wherever you are located!

- Gwen Schwartz, Marketing Wizard, Community Love

For more information, do visit our website at http://hplustech.com

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