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What is a Digital Holography and Why is it Important?


What is Digital Holography?

In this article, our CTO, Dhruv Adhia, explains some of the technical aspects of digital holograms, their applications and the science behind them. Digital Holography-an outstanding technological discovery.

Digital holography is an outstanding discovery in technology and science that is helping the current competitive era to fight piracy. A hologram is the perfect amalgamation of technology, science and art and offers highest security levels for packaging, documents and products and the best part is this labelling is always tampered proof. With the soaring demand for holography, we are at your service to fulfil all your digital holography needs. Owing to our certificate of authentication and commitment we have won the hearts of our clients all over. No matter your business segment, our variegated hologram based packaging will prove immensely beneficial. We provide supreme quality holograms to our clients based on their needs. Our robust infrastructure and latest technologies cater to the ever changing needs and our team of dedicated researchers guarantees customers avail the most up to date holographic business solutions sufficing their needs.

A brief on digital holography

Holography is a method that comprises the use of suitable illumination recording, light intensity recording, interference, diffraction and laser for producing three-dimensional images. This advanced technology is widely used in several areas like advertising, art, education, society and marketing. These services find usage in the field of engineering, medical, design and scientific. No wonder these are extensively presented in hospitals, universities, lobbies, museums and exhibitions. All the particulars that the hologram contains are created with coherent light resources such as electric and laser beams. These are designed and created by means of different methods of finishing, coating and embossing.

The concept

The very concept of holograms has come up from the requirement of authentication which is simple enough in being recognized via an illiterate eye yet sophisticated enough for being just impossible to duplicate. Holography has developed over the years making a mark of trust and security which can be imbibed easily by a single look at the holograms. It is available in a host of designs, patterns, colours and sizes. One can find a hologram by simply opening their wallet that is in their ID card, credit card or driving license. Besides, these are also found in one’s household on the DVDs and CD. With our holography services you can be rest assured as we will leave no stone unturned to aid you develop a lifetime illusion which will leave a really lasting impression.

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