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Positive Psychological Benefits of Holus

Positive Psychological Benefits of Holus

Holus has been used for number of applications, from gaming to education and health as well. During the summer of 2014, we were fortunate enough to partner with Ronald McDonald House Authorities who were constructing new facility in Vancouver that could accommodate 73 families. Ronald McDonald House is a charitable organization that serves sick kids and provide homely environment for them. While building the new house, they wanted to construct something called Magic Room. 

The team at H+ took 2 months to create the entire space Magic Room whose purpose was to bring magical and healing experience for the special kids living at the house.The construction of Magic Room consisted of Giant Unit of Holus in the center, Immersive Wall projection system, Object Detection system to interact with Holographic look a like character named "Woody The Beaver" and surround 3D sound which was mapped to wall projection. We recently added a way to use smartphones to interact with Walls and Holus, where the kids can be drawing onto the wall simply through touch or spatial gestures.

The project finally became operational on June 16th, 2014 and we had number of good reviews since then. The best reviews are the ones received from parents themselves. In fact, we have seen them crying in the Magic Room because after a long time their kids were able to forget about their worries by being immersed in this space. 

Maisies Story

One of the stories that comes to my mind is that of Maisie. She is a 4 year old little girl who has a unique virus called EnteroVirus D86. And when kids have this virus, they cannot walk and doctors cannot explain why. Maisie would visit Magic Room to interact with Holus and be immersed in that environment everyday for 1 hour along with her mother. She visited Magic Room continuously for 1 month. Shockingly after a month, her parents found Maisie finding her balance and took her first steps in the Magic Room. This has been a true reward for all of us here at H+ and finest example of our vision of Humanizing Technology. 

Maisie in Magic Room

This doesn't mean that Holus has direct medical implications, but through the new interaction paradigms of mediated reality it offers positive psychological benefits to assist in movement abilities and thats what happened in the case of Maisie. And this is one of the finest example of our vision of Humanizing Technology. 

Mediated Reality

Finally, this is the beginning of the new era of Mediated Reality through which Humans will perceive information in a much more intuitive manner, thereby having positive psychological benefits and better memory retention which is useful for educational purpose as well. 

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