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A Typical Day at the HQ, in the eyes of Marlon

A Typical Day at the HQ, in the eyes of Marlon


There's the occasional "glance over one's monitor" to survey the office, possibly lock eyes with someone else who's broken their train of concentration, then make a silly face to signal 'back to work'. Mostly quiet, but never the kind of quiet that suggests nothing is going on. It's busy, though on the surface it may not seem like it.  Much of the buzz and traffic happens in digital space. Emails left and right, tasks being checked off, then unchecked, tweaked some more and then checked off again. For the most part, people are confined to their cozy chairs (some blessed with cozier chairs  than others *cough Adson cough*), but at times one must migrate from one workstation to another to discuss matters work related or otherwise (e.g. last night's League of Legends group session), just to break the stillness of things. Departments exit; developers, artists, marketing, and management. More so for formality sake. Zero segregation and communication flows freely. It's a company, but a family nonetheless.

Lunch is always a hot debate, though not really because it usually results in a trip to the little Sushi store around the corner for most people. Nonetheless, 12:00 pm is sacred and by this time everyone is up and recovered from their morning slumps. It's also a race to the microwave when you've already gotten your lunch. Or maybe it's just me?

One thing you can bank on in this office though is the coffee supply. It's always on hand, for the most part. Rarely will the office ever be in a situation where it's without, and when it is, it's handled immediately. Caffiene is as essential to a lot of people in this office as  gas is to cars. So you could say success is measured in hard work and dedication, and yes we have plenty of it, but don't forget the coffee!

- Marlon Tuazon, 3D Artist

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